Virtual Scavenger Hunt Contest Winners are Announced!

Congratulations to our Virtual Scavenger Hunt Winners! These four smart kids got a PERFECT SCORE on the questionnaire:

Courtney Coffin

Catherine Young

Abigail Lederer

Zach Kaczor

View the announcement video here!

Courtney, Catherine, Abigail, Zach: come by the office anytime after October 5th to pick up your $100 Visa gift card to spend any way you like!

In case you’re curious, here are the questions and correct answers 🙂

1.   Who is Dr. B’s favorite classical composer? Beethoven

2.   What is the name of Dr. B’s home town? Freeland, PA.

3.    What is the name of Dr. B’s dog? Jackson

4.    What rock group is Dr. B’s favorite? Pink Floyd

5.    If you are of school age how often should you brush daily? Three

6.    What is Nancy Zachwiecja’s favorite sport? Hockey

7.    What state was Mrs. Potter born in? Iowa


Thanks to everyone who participated, and stay tuned for our next contest… it’s coming soon!

-the DrB4Kids Team

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