Testimonials at DrB4Kids

We loved the new dentist, Dr. D’Adamo she was awesome and my daughter loved her. I liked her because she was thorough, patient and laid back. My daughter said she could not stop looking at her eyes during her appointment because they were so beautiful. That was hilarious to me. Whatever keeps her calm! And we always love seeing MaryCaye at the front desk. She is genuine, kind and funny and that’s how you should be when you work with people.

Amy Ellison

Our daughter came to this world through a difficult labor and delivery and ended up with nasal injuries. Dr. Meghan was brought in to work with our ENT and we worked with Dr. Meghan for almost a year. Throughout our lives we have encountered numerous clinicians, both professionally and personally and Dr. Meghan ranks at the top. We cannot stress how caring (yet professional and knowledgeable) she was in all of our interactions. Our daughter is now 5 years old and doing well, due in large part to Dr. Meghan’s devotion and expertise.

Nicole McLaughlin

When I was pregnant and heard the words, “cleft lip and palate” at my 20-week ultrasound, I was terrified.  When I met Dr. Meghan, I felt a sense of calm. She assured us that she would take the best care of my baby when he decided to make his appearance. That is exactly what she did. For the first 3 months of James’ life we met with Dr. Meghan weekly. Always delicate and compassionate, even on a Saturday, there she was with a smiling face on her day off. Dr. Meghan was a crucial part of my son’s team and will be an extraordinary asset to any dental team/community.

Chrissy McCulloch

Our son was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate and it was a very challenging time. Fortunately, we were able to get the care and support we needed. Dr. Meghan made it her priority to put our son’s needs, as well as our needs, first. She prepared us mentally and emotionally for the reconstructive journey that lay ahead and our son truly enjoyed Dr. Meghan’s amazing, caring personality. Not only did the craniofacial team made us feel like family, but they also helped us feel there was hope. Thank-you Dr. Meghan.

Vatthana Inthasanh

The professionalism and care the staff demonstrates is outstanding. Drs Bechtloff and MacAuley are knowledgeable and kind. Our family has received wonderful care here. I highly recommend you to my friends and family.