Did You Notice That Moms at DrB4Kids Are Getting Straighter and Brighter Smiles?

Dr. Russel Bechtloff, Pediatric Dentist in Langhorne, PA is helping parents look and feel better with “Smiles for Moms”

Dr. Bechtloff and the DrB4Kids Team are well known for their expertise in maintaining the dental health of children in our community. But did you know that they also straighten and whiten adult teeth?

Wearing braces as an adult may seem like too much trouble, too embarrassing or too disruptive. That’s why Dr. B treats many adults with Invisalign©, which allows straighten teeth without braces.

Making the decision to get treatment with Invisalign has many benefits:

1. Straight teeth and a beautiful smile in a reasonable amount of time without feeling self-conscious.

2. Improvement of bite and gum health during treatment with minimal impact on your busy schedule.

3. Eat anything you want. No restrictions.

4. We can both straighten and whiten your teeth.

5. Reasonable cost.

In fact, Dr. B is currently offering a $300 courtesy discount for Invisalign treatment and will also include whitening so you can show off your new straight, bright smile.

Call today and ask for the “Smiles for Moms” courtesy!

Invisalign Teen is now available at DrB4Kids

Invisalign Teen is available at DrB4Kids

Dr. Bechtloff can straighten teeth without braces!

Dr. B. and the entire DrB4Kids team knows that for some teens, going back to school wearing braces can be awkward.  It’s tough enough being a middle school student without metal in your mouth.  Teens want to look their best for school pictures, dances, proms and all of the many social events that occur during the school year. 

At DrB4Kids, we hear you, and we have the solution. It’s called Invisalign Teen.

This state-of-the-art technique puts a smile on your teen’s face while the teeth are being straightened. The aligners are crystal clear, and molded to fit perfectly over your teen’s teeth. Invisalign Teen is so discreet that most of their friends and teachers will not even know that they’re wearing them! 

At DrB4Kids we love treating our patients with Invisalign Teen.  We think that it may be the biggest advance in orthodontics in the last 50 years!  No braces, no wires, easy cleaning and no forbidden foods. What great news!

Here’s even better news:  For a limited time only, mention that you read this blog post and we’ll take $200.00 off the fee. (We hope that puts a smile on your face too).

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