Teeth Cleaning (Prophylaxis)

Dental health begins with good oral hygiene. This requires professional care and guidance provided by your dentist and dental hygienist, combined with proper care at home by you. When your child follows a recommended home care routine and has regular professional care, they will be able to maintain healthier teeth and gums.

At DrB4Kids we provide cleaning that removes plaque, calculus (tartar), and stains from the teeth. The cleaning may be done by your dentist or dental hygienist in the dental office and provides education in proper care of the teeth and gums.

A prophylaxis is a scaling and polishing procedure performed to remove normal plaque, calculus and stains. While the main objective of the prophylaxis is to help prevent gum disease, it can also improve the appearance of your teeth by making them look clean and bright. Scaling is performed using instruments to remove calculus from the teeth. Polishing with a special paste by means of a motorized instrument removes remaining plaque and surface stains caused by various foods, beverages and tobacco. Polished tooth surfaces make it more difficult for plaque and debris to accumulate.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride application in children is proven to be a safe and effective way to reduce the incidence of cavities, and its benefits may last a lifetime.  Patients with a high incidence of tooth decay or severe periodontal disease (gum disease) may benefit from fluoride treatments as well.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Oral hygiene instruction is one of the most important services provided by DrB4Kids.  While we can fix most problems, we can help educate you and your child on how to prevent them from happening.  Proper brushing and flossing is the key to good oral health and as has recently been proven, it is vital for good systemic health as well.
Our doctors and hygienists take pride in their ability to instruct and motivate their patients to develop and maintain good oral hygiene habits.