DrB4Kids Virtual Scavenger Hunt Contest



The first 50 winners will be invited to an exclusive pizza party at the  DrB4kids office, with raffles for many exciting prizes, including:

A $100 gift certificate to Plato’s Closet

A 1 hour Laser Tag session for you and three friends

A $100 gift certificate to Oxford Valley Mall

The answers to the questions you will see here are hidden right here on the DrB4Kids blog! It’s like an open book test, easy.

Just click on the different sections on top of the page to learn about DrB4Kids and find all the answers.

BTW, Moms and Dads are allowed to enter for their children. In fact, we suggest you make it a family project. 🙂

First Step:  Write down the questions, start searching for the answers and write them down.

Second Step:  Click the blue link below to enter your answers.

1.   Who is Dr. B’s favorite classical composer?          

2.   What is the name of Dr. B’s home town?                

3.   What is the name of Dr. B’s dog?                        

4.   What rock group is Dr. B’s favorite?                     

5.   If you are of school age how often should you brush daily?         

6.   What is Nancy Zachwiecja’s favorite sport?       

7.   What state was Mrs. Potter born in?                

Good luck!

-The DRB4KIDS Team

Click here to enter your answers


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