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I have felt throughout my career that my primary professional responsibility was to create a self-confident pediatric dental patient. That patient would be one unafraid of dental treatment and, therefore, would become an adult who was diligent about his or her dental health.

It has been my experience that this can be achieved if some basic concepts are applied. It is important at the first visit for the child’s emotional needs to be met and for the child’s emotional development to guide the dentist in determining what can be accomplished. Some children at age two, for example, allow our staff to perform basic hygiene yet others will not allow this to be done until much later.   These individual boundaries need to be recognized and respected so that the child is respected and develops trust with the professional. It is important for the child to receive the support of the professional and the parent during office visits so that this trust can evolve. This is the primary reason that our office policy encourages parents to be present for dental procedures.

Our office is committed to nurturing our patients while delivering the best pediatric and orthodontic services. We feel that our expertise in this critical facet of care will help the parent in creating and preserving healthy smiles and happy faces.

-Dr. B

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