This section of our blog is meant to serve as a resource to parents, explaining and discussing current topics in dentistry, orthodontics and related fields.

Early Facial Development

We have all noticed the head of the newborn, which appears to be all forehead relative to the rest of the face. It is as if nature has provided the space for the brain to be fully functional to control this new person. Yet at this time all this individual needs to do to function is to breathe and suckle and since the size of the infant is very small even the respiratory system doesn’t have to be very large to supply the necessary oxygen for function.

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Tongue Thrust Disorders

A normal relaxed or rest position of the mouth would include having the lips together, teeth slightly parted rather than touching, and tongue resting behind the front teeth – usually on the palate tissue just behind the upper teeth, or in some cases, behind the lower teeth.

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Other Factors in the Decay Process

In this first of a series of info bites regarding dental and orthodontic topics I thought it appropriate to review the decay process and some of the many factors which ultimately contribute to an individual’s susceptibility to decay.

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