Straight Teeth


The Misconception of the Merit of Straight Teeth

    Our society has been besieged with the Madison Avenue philosophy of  beauty, style, ostentation, and materialism to such a degree that it is pervasive even the allied health fields.   How much money is spent in this country on facial surgery, liposuction, collagen injections, and make-up etc?   It is no wonder why some of the orthodontic parents in my office ask the apparent question:  “Is this orthodontic treatment for my daughter/son just to improve her/his appearance”?   My reply affirms that a pleasant smile and general appearance will help to improve the child’s self-image especially during the emotional turmoil of adolescence.   I then usually take the position of attempting to discuss the biological benefits of a healthy functioning attractive dentition.   Let’s briefly look at some of these advantages.

    During the development of the child’s cranium due to either genetics or external forces of the thumb, pacifier or the tongue the palate of the child may be narrow.   This not only presents less space to erupt the teeth  but it also may constrict the airway since the sinuses are a large part of the upper jaw.   Often these patients will snore and may exhibit periods of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition during which restful sleep is interrupted with irregular breathing.  These events have recently been suggested to affect the child’s behavior due to inadequate rest.  These narrow palate patients can be easily expanded with gentle contemporary palatal expanders to aid in the normal eruption of the teeth.

    Often a patient will present to the office with a lower jaw further back than the rest of the face.   These patients have the potential of future TMJ issues.    These symptoms may include facial fatigue, muscle pain, facial muscle spasm, clicking or popping of the jaw, or even arthritis of the joint itself.   These issues can be resolved by facilitating the forward movement of the lower jaw while the patient is still growing.  

    The long term health of the bone and gum tissue supporting the teeth can only be maintained with good oral hygiene.   If the hygiene is inadequate the gums will be inflamed and bleeding will soon follow.  In addition, if this inflammation persists it will extend into the bone and the response of the bone to this inflammation is resorption.  This process will reduce the amount of supporting bone around the teeth and they will become mobile and painful.  This is called periodontal disease and if it persists it will cause tooth loss.  If the teeth can be aligned properly routine hygiene with brushing and flossing is easier and therefore the inflammation can be controlled.

    These are some of the symptoms that can be treated with orthodontics and yes as a side-bar result of the treatment the teeth will be straight to satisfy our society’s Madison Ave. requirements.

                                                          Food for Financial Thought

Fees for:

Porcelain cap/crown $1200.00
Three unit porcelain bridge replacing one missing tooth $3600.00
One implant and cap/crown $4300.00
Full mouth orthodontic treatment for 28 teeth PRICELESS ($5000.00)

Dental Health


I have felt throughout my career that my primary professional responsibility was to create a self-confident pediatric dental patient. That patient would be one unafraid of dental treatment and, therefore, would become an adult who was diligent about his or her dental health.

It has been my experience that this can be achieved if some basic concepts are applied. It is important at the first visit for the child’s emotional needs to be met and for the child’s emotional development to guide the dentist in determining what can be accomplished. Some children at age two, for example, allow our staff to perform basic hygiene yet others will not allow this to be done until much later.   These individual boundaries need to be recognized and respected so that the child is respected and develops trust with the professional. It is important for the child to receive the support of the professional and the parent during office visits so that this trust can evolve. This is the primary reason that our office policy encourages parents to be present for dental procedures.

Our office is committed to nurturing our patients while delivering the best pediatric and orthodontic services. We feel that our expertise in this critical facet of care will help the parent in creating and preserving healthy smiles and happy faces.

-Dr. B

DRB4KIDS Introduces ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

DrB4Kids ZoompPoster

DRB4KIDS Introduces ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

The 2014 DRB4KIDS Day At The Ballpark Contest

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The doctors and staff of DrB4Kids in Langhorne, PA would like to take their amazing patients out to the ball game!

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Invisalign Teen is now available at DrB4Kids

Invisalign Teen is available at DrB4Kids

Dr. Bechtloff can straighten teeth without braces!

Dr. B. and the entire DrB4Kids team knows that for some teens, going back to school wearing braces can be awkward.  It’s tough enough being a middle school student without metal in your mouth.  Teens want to look their best for school pictures, dances, proms and all of the many social events that occur during the school year. 

At DrB4Kids, we hear you, and we have the solution. It’s called Invisalign Teen.

This state-of-the-art technique puts a smile on your teen’s face while the teeth are being straightened. The aligners are crystal clear, and molded to fit perfectly over your teen’s teeth. Invisalign Teen is so discreet that most of their friends and teachers will not even know that they’re wearing them! 

At DrB4Kids we love treating our patients with Invisalign Teen.  We think that it may be the biggest advance in orthodontics in the last 50 years!  No braces, no wires, easy cleaning and no forbidden foods. What great news!

Here’s even better news:  For a limited time only, mention that you read this blog post and we’ll take $200.00 off the fee. (We hope that puts a smile on your face too).

Please use the box below to provide us any feedback you may have. We always like to hear from our patients and parents! in Langhorne, Pa.